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Notes from the President - A Thank you to Lynn Royer!

Banner - YonMarch 4, 2018

Farmington, MO

Lynn Royer is now past MHS president. But hers was a great tenure! Many of you know Lynn well and are aware of her inordinate talent for performance. You know, of course, that she is an accomplished administrator and a distinct and direct voice in any executive chair. I wish I might fill this office half as well!

But my point in submitting my thanks to Lynn here – at this juncture of transition – is perhaps tied a tad more to my awareness of her heart and of her profound understanding of our Society’s reason for being.

She is driven by a passion for solution and for education strong enough to assure such solution. Lynn Royer’s presence as MHS president the last two years has vouched for just that – has set the stage and the tone for our Society’s participation in current market issues and in the strongest possible support for the practitioner in the field. Her contribution will continue. I can promise you that I have solicited her on that. Lynn will remain close. But it is no longer her formal responsibility to be the face of our endeavors. That honor has fallen to me for a duration, and I am so grateful to her when I see how diligently and heartfelt she has prepared things for me.

Lynn’s service to the MHS will stand, and we will build on it. Therefore, this is both a note of acknowledgment and an invitation to you who read it to help me build.

Thank you, Lynn, for your solid additions to the ground work!