How to get Licensed

Georgia law requires that any person actively involved in the “practice of dispensing hearing aids” must be licensed to do so.  You should first find a currently licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser working under a Licensed Dealer that is willing to employ and train you for this profession.  After successfully finding employment, you will be required to obtain a “training permit” from the Secretary of State’s Professional Licensing Department (  before you have any contact with a potential patient .  This requires an application and payment of the required fees. You will only be permitted to work with Direct supervision from your supervising dispenser during this period. After training one on one with your supervising dispenser you can apply to take the Practical exams from the Secretary of State. 

There are three separate exams you will have to pass in order to receive your Apprentice Dispensers Permit.  Once you pass these exams ( Laws and Rules, Audiogram Interpretation, and IHS Practical exam) and received your Apprentice Dispensers Permit you will be permitted to work with Indirect supervison.  After continued training, you may apply the take the written exam thru the Secretary of State.  Once you pass the written exam, you will be granted a Dispensers License and are free to practice unsupervised.

In Georgia, a Dispensers License is only valid when working under a Georgia Licensed Dealer.  If needed, a Dealer’s license may be obtained by completing the application from the Secretary of State and submitting with the required documentation and fees.