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Welcome to The Hearing Society of Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Delaware.

Our organization has sought to maintain and improve the standards of fitting hearing aids since 1966.

Our members adhere to and support a Code of Ethics that strives to support the hearing impaired public and improve their experiences in hearing rehabilitation. We ask that you support our organization by doing business with our members. They care about the future of the hearing aid industry and hearing healthcare in your community.

Signs and symptoms of hearing loss may include:

  • Muffling of speech and other sounds
  • Difficulty understanding words, especially against background noise or in a crowd
  • Trouble hearing consonants
  • Frequently asking others to speak more slowly, clearly and loudly
  • Needing to turn up the volume of the television or radio
  • Withdrawal from conversations
  • Avoidance of some social settings

What to Do

Contact a member of our Hearing Society.  They can screen you for hearing loss and give you advice.  Mention the website for a complementary hearing screening.


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