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A splendid way to write a stunning essay

Several students consider writing a comprehensive essay, a daunting affair. They think that it is an overwhelming task. They confront such a situation due to the following reasons that are mentioned below.

  1. Lack of interest in writing detailed essays
  2. Lack of writing skills
  3. Insufficient knowledge about the topic

It is imperative for students to address the afore-mentioned weaknesses in order to score good grades in essay writing and college essay examples. For this purpose, students must learn the importance of a method referred to as "POET." We will discuss this method later in this article.

4 Wonderful Benefits of Writing Letters

  • What is essay writing?

Essay writing is a genre of formal writing. It encourages students to express ideas and thoughts regarding a particular topic significantly. Moreover, it demands a scribbler to organize and manage the text of the essay in such a way that it becomes readable as well as presentable.

  • What is the POET method in essay writing?

Writing a lengthy academic essay is not a piece of cake. A student has to work hard to write a handy essay. Several students consider essay writing a dry subject. Therefore, a student who does not take an interest in essay writing asks others to write my paper

Let's discuss the "POET" method. It is the process of breaking down the essay into several parts. Consequently, it helps in making a better understanding of the neophyte writers about essay writing.

  • Purpose of writing

The first character of the term "POET" is P. It assists a neophyte essay writer to analyze the purpose of writing a comprehensive essay on a particular topic. If you are a student and he assigns you a topic or gives you the liberty to choose a topic of your own choice, you have to give reason what makes you compile this essay. 

  • Organization of the text

Here, O stands for organizing the text of the essay. It urges students to learn the importance of structuring an essay. Ultimately, it helps in organizing the scattered thoughts and ideas about the topic. 

  • Providing evidence

You cannot prove the legitimacy of your expounded argument or presented opinion about a topic without producing authentic pieces of evidence. It plays a major role in supporting your viewpoint. 

  • Expounding intriguing thesis statement

Writing a concise, short, and intriguing statement is art. It is the backbone of the whole essay as the text in the section of the Main body revolves around this statement. It is the crux of the topic. 

  1. Importance of essay writing

It has become a compulsory subject of a degree program. It is associated not only with literature but also with science, fiction, and non-fiction as well. So, it assists teachers in evaluating a student's grip on the subject as well as its writing skills. Consequently, it makes it easy for teachers to figure out the weak areas and mistakes of a student. Teachers can then work hard in subduing errors or weaknesses regarding essay writing easily. He looks forward to a professional essay writer or an paper writing service for assistance in academic writing. Well, doing so is not a possible time after time. 

On the other hand, academic writing helps students in raising their writing skills. It brings diversity in writing styles of students. Students become confident in presenting their viewpoints productively. Furthermore, students learn the art of making smooth transitions between different ideas while expressing them in the content of the essay.

Next, essay writing develops the habits of reading, writing, and brainstorming. Reading enhances writing skills; writing practice on a daily basis brings diversity in writing style while brainstorming develops the habit of critical thinking about the topic.

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