Todd Faasse, BC-HIS

The Great American Hearing Aid Company LLC

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The Great American Hearing Aid Company LLC
Cottonwood, AZ
Work: (928) 639-0007
Fax: (928) 793-7127



My Objective is Three-Fold

1) To provide superior service and results to people suffering from hearing loss, by using state-of-the art micro-electro-acoustic technology, when surgery and other medical alternatives cannot help.

2) To deliver breakthrough, cutting edge technologies at affordable pricing, while providing ongoing aural rehabilitation and impeccable customer care.

3) To continue helping America hear again for more than 25 years! We created The Great American Hearing Aid company LLC as a revolutionary business model, predicated upon being hearing aid "caregivers". We specialize in helping veterans, their family and friends across the US. Servicing all makes and brands of hearing aids.