Frederick Goossen, M.Ed., BC-HIS

Executive Director,
Hearing HealthCare Alliance of New York, Inc.

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Hearing HealthCare Alliance of New York, Inc.



I have been a NYS Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser since 1994, having started my second career as the Miracle Ear Specialist for the state of Hawaii, and for the past 10 years my practice provides services the hearing impaired in the Finger Lake Region of NYS. I became Board Certified in 1998, and have maintained my BC-HIS certification with professional pride ever since. I received my MA and M.Ed. from Columbia University following my graduation from Hamilton College, which led to my first career as an educational policy specialist. I have served as a consultant to several state legislatures, USOE and was the Executive Director of the NYS Assembly Education Committee. The Hearing Aid Society of New York (now the Hearing HealthCare Alliance of New York) reorganized in 1992 and I became the Executive Director administering the New York State hearing healthcare professionals association through the present date. As the E.D., I represented the profession in the drafting and passage of New York’s model hearing aid dispensing regulations – GBA Article 37A – in 1998 and I continue to be actively involved in the administration of the laws and regulations by the NYS Department of State Hearing Aid Dispensing Advisory Board, which is New York’s ‘licensing’ and regulatory agency. I have also served as the NorthEast Coast Territorial Governor of the International Hearing Society for the past nine years and my term will be ending in December of 2015. In January 2016 I will join the Board of Directors. In all of these positions, I have gained extensive experience in the development of policies and practices which have advanced the profession of hearing healthcare and have protected the hearing impaired access to the highest levels of hearing healthcare services.