Membership Benefits

HASNS Membership Benefits

We are a dedicated Hearing Society that is always trying to improve the profession within the province of Nova Scotia. Your ears deserve the best—see a HASNS hearing aid practitioner.

Become a member, support your profession: 

Our strength comes from individual practitioners. A strong provincial society means more resources for members and a more effective voice. Membership association helps enhance your ability to achieve success and your excellence as a practitioner and ensure a strong future for Hearing Health Care.


Access to information

Learn from other members about additional information and resources for hard of hearing individuals.


Public Awareness

Contribute to the awareness of the important – but often overlooked – hearing health-related services Health Instrument Practitioners provide. Through our website and social media platforms, we provide easily accessible information and tips about hearing loss prevention and hearing care options.


Professional Development and Training tools

In partnership with other organizations, such as IHS or Sound Plus, HASNS facilitates access to professional development opportunities and continuing education to keep up to date of the ever-changing world of hearing health care.





You will have an opportunity to volunteer either as a Member of the Executive or as one of our Directors.  On occasion there may be opportunities to be part of a working group for a specific project.
Become involved in chapter activities in a safe and comfortable environment.


Online Directory

Using the online directory of HASNS members, website browsers will be able to find a Hearing Instrument Practitioner in their community.

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