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The Ear Man Inc.
Coral Springs, FL
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Hearing Aid Specialist
(March 1977 to present)
Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences.

President of The Ear Man, Inc.
Hearing Aid Service
(November 1987 to present)

President of The Ear Man, Inc.
Mobile Hearing Aid Service
(January 2016 to present)

There is a large segment of the hearing-impaired community that is underserved: seniors who cannot visit an office due to a lack of mobility or transportation.

We know that 79% of older seniors have a bilateral hearing loss, but we often overlook that 47% have limited mobility and 35% lack transportation; this denies them easy access to the arduous process of obtaining properly fitted hearing aids and the necessary services to maintain them.

We are a fully mobile practice that solely dedicates itself to serving those patients’ needs. We provide a complete suite of services that includes hearing aid evaluations, counseling, new hearing aid fittings, programming, maintenance, repairs and aftercare services, all in the comfort of their home.

Our company contracts with hearing aid practices who are unable to provide mobile services. By working with us, they expand the reach of their brick and mortar locations and grow their business by fulfilling the needs of seniors unable to travel.

Additionally we network with Geriatric Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, Aging Life Care Providers, Home Healthcare Agencies, Senior Organizations, ILF’s and ALF’s to provide comprehensive mobile hearing aid services to their patients.

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