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    I have looped. Hello Catie and All: My loop installing experiences maybe helpful to you. I opened my business in 2010 as a new 'start up'. Without a client database to fill my schedule I enjoyed some time to explore other revenue...

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    Re: 10th Amendment and the "dead donkeys" of consumer protection Dan and Esteemed Colleagues, I've been following with the interest the discussion whether we can now chuck our licensing laws out the window now that a sorely misinformed court has...

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    Hello all, I do not necessarily recommend that hearing care providers do the loop installations themselves (unless it is in a personal TV room) or even pay for them - though earmarked donations can nudge facilities or churches to install them...

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    Dan, I can certainly appreciate your passion on the subject, while I disagree with your final conclusions. My address of your inaccurate conclusions on the legality of this issue incorporates not my opinion, but the real and true legal ramifications...

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    It's very hard after 30 years of writing in charts to just stop! Old habits are hard to break but I'm working on it. As for offices with a large user base it takes time to switch from paper files. I would cost me a fortune to scan in all the documentation...


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