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    Reminder - Award nominations are due on/by this Saturday, July 20th! Do you know someone (or a group) who is a making an outstanding impact on the hearing aid dispensing field?  We want to know! On September 21st at the 68th Annual IHS Convention and Expo in Nashville, ...

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    Great comments, Tammi! Our message is strong and true: hearing health is our most important human sense. It requires both technology and the human touch. Always striving to lift the hearing impaired. Sent from my iPhone ------Original Message------ Great input. My grandfather ...

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    Great input. My grandfather whose wisdom I admired from a very young age on always told me “ You are the captain of your ship” Focusing on the positive rather than the complacency of negativity. I will repeat your quote in both words and speech “Action (+) is a far stronger ...

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    Thank you, Todd, for spotlighting THAA. I belonged to that esteemed group for many years and, yes, there are a lot of stars in that chapter. In every state, wherever I go I see many shining stars. If we can just get more of these stars aligned to push in the same ...

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    Thank You Texas!

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    Hello Hearing Professionals everywhere! Summer has finally arrived here in Central Wisconsin and we couldn't be happier about it. Sunny and 80, finally. I hope Mother Nature and all the things we can't control are in your favor today. I'm certain that this message will ...


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