About the Program
The Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Program is a comprehensive workshop and assessment focused on tinnitus patient care involving physiology, psychology, measurement, management, and practice organization. Participants who attend the workshop and pass the assessment are awarded a Tinnitus Care Provider certificate.

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*Important: If you use the title, “Tinnitus Care Provider” you must also state “Holding a Certificate from the International Hearing Society.” This certificate title does not replace your job title. Certificate holders must check with their own state/provincial licensing agencies for rules, regulations and scope of practice regarding providing tinnitus care. All Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Program participants and certificate holders are expected to understand and abide by all applicable local, state/provincial, and federal laws and rules governing scope of practice, licensure/registration requirements, and permissible titles. Read Full Policy

The Workshop

Become a Tinnitus Care Provider. Attending the workshop is the first step to achieve this title.

The Assessment

Complete the Tinnitus Care Provider Program by assessing the skills learned at the workshop.

Program Eligibility

Ready to earn the Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate? Make sure you're eligible.

2019 Group Photo

94% of Tinnitus Care Provider Program participants have reported considerable benefits, including professional growth, advanced education, and networking
- IHS Advanced Education Survey, conducted Fall 2019

Meet Your Instructors


Richard Tyler, PhD, MSc
Professor, University of Iowa

Dr. Tyler is a clinical audiologist and a psychoacoustician. He teaches at the University of Iowa and has been directing research projects on tinnitus and cochlear implants for over 25 years. His scientific work includes the quantification of tinnitus and the investigation of different treatments.

Dr. Tyler sees tinnitus patients weekly and hosts an annual Tinnitus Treatment Conference at the University of Iowa. He has edited The Tinnitus Handbook (2000), Tinnitus Treatments: Clinical Protocols (2006), and The Consumer Handbook on Tinnitus (2008).



Doug Lewis, JD, PhD, AuD, MBA
President and CEO, Excalibur Business Consultants

Dr. Lewis is President and CEO of Excalibur Business Consultants, serving in a wide range of areas involving healthcare, business, microenterprise development, and law. He works as a Consulting Clinical Audiologist for several entities and an ENT practice. He is active faculty for 9 universities, teaching in a wide variety of subjects such as law and ethics, business, healthcare, and more. He has been an integral instructor for IHS’ ACA program, and is the Chair of IHS’ education committee, the International Institute for Hearing Instrument Studies.

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