Workshop Agenda

The International Hearing Society and Richard Tyler, PhD, MSc have collaborated to develop this high-level educational program. The core curriculum presented is based upon Dr. Tyler’s 30 years of tinnitus research and tested protocols and expanded by the development committee of subject matter experts. Don’t miss this opportunity to advance and broaden your professional knowledge and clinical skills to help your patients manage their tinnitus!

Part 1: Neurology and Psychology of Tinnitus


  • Define and measure the tinnitus condition
  • Assess the psychological disposition of the patient
  • Determine patient expectations for management

Part 2: Tinnitus Measurement


  • Identify red flags that require referral to a physician
  • Describe how to measure tinnitus loudness
  • Describe how to measure tinnitus pitch
  • Define how the measurement of tinnitus can assist with counseling
  • Define how the measurement of tinnitus can assist with the fitting of sound therapy devices

Part 3: Tinnitus Therapies


  • Define components of tinnitus management plan
  • Consider hearing aids, sound therapy, & coping strategies as options for management plan

Part 4: Fundamentals of Tinnitus Counseling


  • Determine when to counsel & when to refer
  • Discover strategies for evaluating what patients need and want
  • Explore four components of qualify of life counseling

Part 5: Nurturing Expectations


  • Understand where the patient is at by interpreting their physical and emotional status
  • Help patient understand their tinnitus to reduce/eliminate fear and nurture acceptance

Part 6: Group Counseling and Session Demonstration


  • Understand where the patient is at by interpreting the physical and emotional status of the patient
  • Provide assistance in thoughts & emotions counseling, aural rehabilitation, sleep counseling, concentration, and relaxation exercises
  • Demonstrate how to conduct a group counseling session

Part 7: Tinnitus Activities Therapy Protocol

  • Thoughts and Emotions
  • Hearing and Communication
  • Sleep
  • Concentration

Part 8: Establishing a Tinnitus Clinic


  • Evaluate readiness to provide tinnitus services
  • Create a business plan for tinnitus services and weigh potential risks and rewards
  • Refer a patient/client to another professional when needed