Program Overview

Program Overview

Tinnitus affects approximately 15% of the overall population and roughly 80% - 90% of tinnitus sufferers also have aidable hearing loss.

The Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Program is a comprehensive workshop and assessment to help you care for patients with tinnitus. As a result of this program, you'll have the skills necessary to help patients with tinnitus and the resources to market yourself as a Tinnitus Care Provider.


Candidates seeking the certificate must be licensed, registered, or certified hearing healthcare professionals with a minimum of two (2) years of clinical experience post-licensure.

Unlicensed apprentices and hearing healthcare professionals with less than two years of experience may attend the workshop and take the assessment. Upon completion of all requirements (licensure, 2 years post-licensure experience, attending the workshop, & passing the assessment), the certificate will be issued.

Continuing Education Credit

Each state has different requirements and rules for continuing education; check with your local licensing agency for further details.

International Hearing Society CE Approved

The course is approved for 16 hours of continuing education credit by the International Hearing Society.

American Academy of Audiology CE in Audiology

Approved by the American Academy of Audiology to offer Tier 1 Academy CEUs. Worth a maximum of 1.6 CEUs. Academy approval of this continuing education activity is based on course content only and does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products, or clinical procedure, or adherence of the event to the Academy's Code of Ethics. Any views that are presented are those of the presenter/CE provider and not necessarily of the American Academy of Audiology.

This program is NOT approved for hearing aid specialist continuing education credit by California Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology & Hearing Aid Dispensers Board.

Scope of Practice

Jurisdictions vary in their laws and rules related to tinnitus management and its place in the scope of practice for hearing aid specialists and other hearing healthcare professionals. All Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Program participants and certificate holders are expected to understand and abide by all applicable local, state/provincial, and federal laws and rules governing scope of practice and permissible titles.

Use of the Title

Important: If you use the title, “Tinnitus Care Provider” you must also state “Holding a Certificate from the International Hearing Society.” This certificate title does not replace your job title. Certificate holders must check with their own state/provincial licensing agencies for rules, regulations and scope of practice regarding providing tinnitus care. The Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate is neither a certification nor a license to practice. Certificate holders remain bound by the scope of practice and licensure/registration requirements set forth by their governing body. Read Full Policy

About Certificate Programs

The IHS Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Program is an assessment-based certificate program. The primary focus of an assessment-based certificate program is on facilitating the accomplishment of intended learning outcomes. Although assessment is an integral part of the certificate program, the primary purpose of the program is to provide education and training which supports the accomplishment of the intended learning outcomes. The certificate awarded designates that participants have completed the required education/training and demonstrated accomplishment of the intended learning outcomes.

Assessment-based certificate programs are distinct from certificates of attendance/participation in that they require successful completion of an end-of-program assessment to confirm participants’ accomplishment of the intended learning outcomes. To gain a better understanding of the distinctions between assessment-based certificate programs, certificates of attendance, and certification programs, click here.

For more information about assessment-based certificate programs please visit the Institute for Credentialing Excellence’s website

This program is not a certification.

ICE Accredited Program

Since 2018, the International Hearing Society and Tinnitus Care Provider Certificate Program has held accreditation from the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) for demonstrating compliance with ICE 1100 – Standard for Assessment-Based Certificate Programs.