The History of

Missouri Hearing Society

The purpose of the Missouri Hearing Society is to:


            1)         Educate their members and the public.


            2)         Further the interest of the hearing impaired and those who work with the hearing impaired.


            3)         Enhance the image of the Hearing Instrument Specialist and Audiologist through positive public relations efforts with the residents of the State of Missouri.


            The Society was founded in the early 1950's by a group of hearing aid dealers from throughout the state who had become concerned about the lack of continuing education opportunities and wanted to improve the educational opportunities available to hearing aid dealers.  In addition, the actions of a few unethical dealers were creating a negative image for the majority of the ethical businessmen who functioned throughout the state.  In that regard it was the intent of the Society to encourage a code of conduct and improve the image of the Missouri Hearing Aid Dealer.

            In the late 1960's the Missouri Hearing Aid Society was a major factor in protecting the interests of the Missouri Hearing Aid Dealers when the Hearing Aid Dealers' Licensing Bill was drafted and again when the Speech Pathology and Audiology Bill was drafted a few years later.  The Legislative Committee continues to monitor legislative activity in the state that pertains to the field of hearing impairment and hearing aids.  In addition, the Committee will work with state legislators to initiate legislation where needed.

            The Society has presented an Annual Education Meeting that has grown and improved every year.  In their initial meetings, the Society would invite a well-known ear, nose and throat specialist from the region to speak to the group for a few hours in a one-day session.

            In the earlier years, attendance at the Annual Meetings was typically 10 to 20 people.  Today the meeting involves attendance of over 100 people and presentations by 8 to 10 speakers.  The Annual Meeting of the Missouri Hearing Society eliminates the necessity of travel out-of-state for completion of the continuing education requirements.  In fact, many dealers from surrounding states attend the Missouri Hearing Society's Annual Meeting.

            In 1995, the Missouri licensing law was updated to include the term hearing instrument specialist.  MHAS followed by changing the Society's name to Missouri Hearing Society.  The Society is continually active in public relations efforts to improve the public image of the Hearing Instrument Specialist through participation in such activities as "May Is Better Hearing And Speech Month".  It maintains a line of communication with the professional associations of Missouri such as the Missouri Ear, Nose and Throat Society, the Missouri Speech and Hearing Association and the Missouri Academy of Audiology.

            In summary, the Missouri Hearing Society is your organization.  Its efforts are directed toward improving you and your business of dispensing hearing instruments and improving the public's perception of the Hearing Instrument Specialist.  By supporting this organization, you are helping yourselves.  Please join!