Welcome to the Massachusetts Hearing Society. We are an organization of hearing healthcare professionals providing hearing care solutions to the people of Massachusetts.

Are you among the one in ten people who are missing an important part of life because you can't hear how you once did? Do you have a friend or relative who has a hearing loss?

 Signs which may indicate a hearing loss include: 

  • Straining to hear conversations
  • Feeling that people mumble when they talk
  • Needing to have the television, radio, or stereo turned up louder than is comfortable for others in the room
  • Missing the drift of things at the movies, church, or over the phone

Hearing loss is often so gradual that it may go unnoticed for months or even years. Persons with a hearing loss may blame others for lack of clarity or loudness in their speech, when most of the time it is due to their own hearing problem. Or they may say they hear, but do not understand. This is due to a loss in the higher frequencies, making certain sounds unintelligible.