Hearing FAQs

Q: How Common Is Hearing Loss?

A: Approximately 29 million Americans experience hearing loss. Sadly, only about 25% are seeking the help they need.

Q: Are There Different Types Of Hearing Loss?

A: Yes. Hearing loss falls into the following categories:

Conductive Hearing Loss is caused by a disease or blockage of the outer or middle ear such as ear wax, an ear infection, or otosclerosis. This can usually be treated by an ear doctor.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss is caused by damage to the inner ear, such as long term exposure to loud sound or certain medications. These hearing losses are usually permanent and best treated with hearing aids.

Mixed Hearing Loss is a combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. The conductive part may be medically treated, but the best solution is usually hearing aids.

Q: Are All Hearing Aids The Same?

A: No. There are several different styles and circuit options. Your Hearing Instrument Specialist can assist you in determining which combination of technology will best meet your listening needs. To find a Hearing Instrument Specialist in your area, click here.

Q: What Is A Hearing Instrument Specialist?

A: Your Hearing Instrument Specialist is specially trained to help you identify the nature of your hearing loss. The Hearing Instrument Specialist will also select and fit the proper hearing instrument for you, and will provide support, encouragement, counseling and instruction as you learn to use the hearing instrument to your best advantage. When you choose a Hearing Instrument Specialist, be sure to select a member of the International Hearing Society (IHS).