About Membership

2023 Membership $150 

    • Includes Discounted Convention Registration 
    • Full Membership in MHHP through 12/31/2023

    MHHP is a state chapter of the International Hearing Society whose purpose is:
    • To better serve the hearing impaired by enhancing professionalism in the hearing aid industry.
    • To offer a forum for all hearing aid dispensing professionals for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge
    • To promote the use of best practices by hearing aid dispensing professionals in the dispensing and fitting of hearing aids assistive technologies, and the provision of related services.
    • Of advocacy to represent the membership of the Society before legislative committees, government agencies and other bodies regarding matters affecting hearing healthcare in the state, and to advance legislative and administrative priorities of the society.
    • To foster and encourage the development of closer working relationships among healthcare providers, rehabilitation groups, education groups, advocacy groups, and others working for the benefit of the deaf and hard of hearing.
    • To promote and encourage an effective program of public education as to the benefits of the use of hearing aids and the role of the licensed hearing healthcare professional.
    • To foster the society members’ adherence to ethical standards as set forth in the International Hearing Society Code of Ethics and applicable state/provincial laws/regulations, including those related to clinical care, marketing, business practices.
    MHHP Officers & staff, along with support from the International Hearing Society, keeps in constant contact with your national and state legislators and regulators, in both Washington DC and Minnesota, on proposals affecting the hearing industry.

    1.   Full Membership shall be open to anyone who holds an active a valid Minnesota Hearing Aid Dispenser Certification to provide hearing aid dispensing services.  

    2.  Associate Membership shall be open to 1) anyone who holds a valid Minnesota HID Trainee Permit, 2) another        valid State Training Permit, or 3) any partner, stockholder, employee, or associate who is regularly, principally and          actively engaged in the business of dispensing hearing aids.  All Associate Members shall pay dues and assessments. Associate members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Society with the exception of voting, serving on the Board of Directors or being a Nominating Committee Member.  
    3.  Affiliate Membership shall be open to any person in a trade or industry related to the hearing aid industry.  Affiliate members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Society with the exception of voting, serving on the Board of Directors or being a Nominating Committee Member. 
    4.  Honorary Membership may be granted to any person who has an interest in the Hearing Aid Profession and is approved for the honor of membership by two thirds (2/3) of the Board of Directors. Honorary members shall be entitled to all privileges of membership with the exception of voting, serving on the Board of Directors or being a Nominating Committee Member.
    5.  State non-residents may be members. Such members must hold a valid State License or Certification to provide hearing  aid dispensing services and shall enjoy all privileges of the Society extended to their class of membership with the exception of serving as an Officer on the Board of Directors. 
    6.  Military and Federal Employees may be offered reduced rates when authorized by the Board of Directors for their class  of membership.


    The MHHP Annual Convention is provided for MHHP Members and offers 10 Continuing Education credit's approved by the International Hearing Society.  MHHP Membership includes registration for that same years Convention. Become a Full Sustaining Member today!
    To sign up by mail, complete the Membership form on our website store and mail a check made out to MHHP to:
    Sheri Lumley
    17805 57th Street
    Becker MN 55308

    Contact MHHP Executive Director Sheri Lumley by phone at 612-280-0948 or email: executivedirector@minnesotahearinghealthcareproviders.org
    Contact any of the board members by clicking on the Contact Us link on the top menu bar



    MHHP works closely with national, state and local associations in an effort to maintain an accurate reading of the statewide business and political climate.

    MHHP, Officers & staff, in conjunction with IHS, monitor all state and federal legislation to insure that the rights of our members and the hearing impaired are protected.